Briquette Charcoal

100% Natural ( Chemical Free)
No Sparks While Burning
Odorless (Doesn’t Smoke)
Made from Hard Tropical Woods.
A Quality
8.000 – 9.000 Kcal/Kg
Humidity 5% (No water added during production)
Very Long Burn Time

There are two important factors that are necessary to fully enjoy the barbecue. One of them is a group of friends for fun barbecue parties and of course a quality charcoal for an unforgettable taste because a good charcoal always takes the first place in the list of needs for a delicious barbecue. Quality charcoal equals delicious barbecue parties.

Many charcoal is sold in the market. However, when looking for the best briquette charcoal, most barbecue lovers prefer Eleme Cuban Coal. If we look at a few features of Eleme Cuban Charcoal, which is a frequent destination for many people in quality, apart from the pleasure it provides, we can list these features as follows;

Briquette charcoal varieties are produced from the Murabu tree, which is the equivalent of the boxwood tree imported from Cuba to our country. Produced from Murabu tree, this coal is 100% natural charcoal.
The Murabu tree we are talking about grows in Cuba. It is a hard and durable tree with strong genes.
Cuban Coal is high in calories, low in ash and odorless coal.
Cuban Coal, which provides much more economical use compared to its counterparts, is a coal that is carefully screened and selected.

The more important the flavor is in the barbecue, the more important it is to obtain this flavor economically. Charcoal prices vary according to the selected type. In addition, it varies depending on the brands. From this point of view, briquette coal prices can be much more affordable and more economical than their peers.

Eleme Cuban Charcoal, which is among the coals most preferred by barbecue lovers with all these advantages it provides, is an indispensable member of Sundays and barbecue parties organized with friends, establishing a throne in the hearts of its users.

Those who want a perfect barbecue enjoy their coal preferences Eleme Cuban Coal. Eleme Cuban Coal, which is the favorite of barbecue lovers who want the best burning state, does not leave its place in the list in terms of performance. Barbecue lovers, who do not want to overshadow their enjoyment if the charcoal does not burn, is a charcoal that they often prefer by not underestimating the quality of Cuban Eleme Coal. If we leave all these technical features aside and explain, according to the old generation people, each piece of coal is hand-picked one by one in the coal store. When you ask the people we call the old generation, they will undoubtedly give the following answer. Pure well-burned coal with no spillage, small. The current generation will not know what marsik coal is. Marsik Coal is the name given to immature coal.

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